Designated Drivers In Portland

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Christmas and holidays in Portland

Designated Drivers Services Offered In Portland.

During the latter end of the holidays, Christmas has passed and News Years is rapidly on it’s way, people tend to want to celebrate here in Portland. Sometimes, a tad too much.

That’s where designated drivers throughout Portland come in handy. A little help here and there is always welcome.

designated drivers services in portlandAs the old year takes a backseat to the new one, people get excited about the possibilities and potential of what’s ahead, often happy to leave the past behind. And then there are those who just want to go out and have a fun time with friends.

With the addition of so many places and things to do in Portland to ring in the new year (concerts, events at the Crystal Ballroom, brewpubs, etc), you want to temper your drinking and keep yourself in check. Life is far too valuable to waste on a night of way-too-much. You also want to leave the vehicle at home, if at all possible. Portland‘s MAX is the perfect way to not only get downtown, but move around town.

We know that you have people in your life that want to keep you around. ;)

With that in mind, here are some valuable resources to help you get home if the night gets a bit out of hand.

Designated Drivers Services in Portland
Free Tipsy Tow Home Service
Johnny Cab Personal Drivers 

Write these web sites and the associated phone numbers down. Keep them handy…just in case. And please, don’t drink and drive.  These offered services are in place for a reason. Don’t ever be too proud to use them.

We here at Our City Radio wish you happy holidays, a very Merry Christmas, and a joyful remainder of the year!

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